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Messages posted by: NarcisC
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Thank you!

We are using an AES connection for POM to request Agent skills via Sistem Management Service.
Please, do you know if that AES needs to be dedicated for this ( not be shared against other applications )?
Is there any recommandation for this?

Thank you so much!

I am using Dashboard tool to do the following:
- register a terminal
- go to "Phone Commands" tab and press a defined button("work-codes" button, particularly)

As far I can see, for this scenario there is no TSAPI license required in this case, only dmcc.
Is this okay? Can I have a confirmation, please?
Thanks a lot, Colm!


Is Widget API backward compatible between releases?
Meaning, if I will develop a widget against v3.6 (eg), will this still work okay in next releases (eg v4.x - hypothetical version)?
So IP_API_A license will be consumed when extension password is used (eg: extension 40010 with pass "123456"), but same license is not required for empty password (eg: 40010/<empty>)?

Hope I understood correctly.
I'm trying to use a SDB user to register a station using the dashboard tool.

CTI user administered for "Unrestricted Access" via the "Edit CTI User" web page on the AE Services Management Console.

The goal is to register and control a device without using his defined password.
I observed that:
a) if VALUE_AES_DMCC_DMC field is not present as part of the AES license AND empty password is used for that extension, the registration fails:
<reason>Registration Reject reason: securityDenial
Login Denied - Access Code invalid. diagnostic string= code= 63773</reason>

b) if VALUE_AES_DMCC_DMC field is not present as part of the AES license AND password is provided, registration is okay.

I thought that field ( VALUE_AES_DMCC_DMC ) will be necessary in both cases ( empty password or not ). Or VALUE_AES_DMCC_DMC is not actually necessary when the client application does know the extension password to register a device?
Yes, all the tests have been performed while being on the call ( acd call, agent set to ACW ). Works okay.

However, customer needs to know if it is possible to send CWC digits after disconnecting the call, so I was not sure if this scenario is supported as per doc.

It is possible to have a Widget capable to always stay visible but also to be able to collect data from a new interaction call (onInteractionEvent)?
When selecting the Voice layout, the widget is gone after interaction is ended.
When choosing Home, the widget is persistent, but cannot retrieve call data on incoming call (expected behavior, I guess).

Please, is there any option to achieve this?
Thank tou

I need to design an application to introduce cwc using DMCC APIs. Would you please tell me what is the right scenario for introducing a CWC code?

From documentation:
To use CWCs, an agent must be:

On an ACD call.
A manual-in agent in the After Call Work (ACW) mode.
An auto-in agent in the Pending for ACW or Timed ACW mode.

However, it is not clear for me if the call needs to be canceled or not in order to introduce the code.
Or the call state is not important, only agent state (ACW)?

I know we can use setDispositionCodes() API method to set a Disposition Code.
Is this functionality only available for Oceana? I'm asking because I am not sure what info will actually be passed to AES in case 'disposition code' is not limited to Oceana only.
i am not aware of this field/button to be defined in the CM...

it is #2:
2) how many active registrations per session

I use dmcc java sdk to design an application from where we can create a session for registering stations and pressing a button, then unregister, but keep the session.
Please, what is the max concurrent registration requests allowed in this case?
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