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Messages posted by: calculus_entropy
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Also looks like you can do SOAP as well which would make it much easier for someone used to SOAP/REST.

Application Enablement Services provides the ability for traditional IT data application developers to interface with Avaya Aura Communication Manager as an evolution server, through standard web services via SOAP/XML methods.
Yep, got the flavors. I was looking for where do I hit with said flavors. It was the AES part I was missing. Had no idea about it.

Ok, so REST is out. Guessing JSON objects are a no go as well. What is the protocol here? SOAP? RPC? And if it's SOAP, I'd need the WSDL. XML, JAVA, etc would be the language I use to send something to Avaya, but what is the connection type? Also, how do I find the web services endpoint in Avaya?

I think I'm just missing a step/understanding here before I even write the message I want to send.

Is there a standard format for the endpoint for CM where I can just plug in my endpoint based on our instance name?

Ha, yes, I was working off of Harold's response he wrote us as via email as our sales engineer which was apparently what you posted, minus these lines:
"There are not currently any RESTful interfaces that allow agent state monitoring nor agent state updates.

"The routing web service you reference will not provide current agent state, nor allow updates to an agent's state."

I literally just joined this site a few hours ago to see if I could get more input and had no idea you are the originator of these thoughts... whoops :)

I'm and developer and not a programmer and work in JS, Angular, SN APIs, so it seems too heavy a lift to write something in one of the C's or Java for the simple function of updating an agent's phone status. I really wouldn't know where to start using the Avaya SDK since this is not an application I work in.

I was hoping there's just be an endpoint I could hit either with SOAP or REST, do some gets and post some updates without going down the routes you outlined.

"There is no agent state change event provided to third party applications." Are you saying even if I could get this to work, it would only be 1 way? Avaya will not produce a agent state change event for ServiceNow to consume?
Is this the official documentation to use?
Hi, all, I'm a ServiceNow developer. I have no idea about the technical side of Avaya. I am trying to see if there's a way I can access Avaya CM web services to update a user's phone status in a queue? Is there an endpoint I can hit (e.g., or something)? Is there documentation on REST calls for this somewhere out there?

Forum Index » Profile for calculus_entropy » Messages posted by calculus_entropy
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