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Messages posted by: Howard
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I'm having issue with SelectBestAgent in the output mapping I'm mapping the WAInput.ServiceMap (all object 1 Mappings) to RequestResource.SericeMap (all object 1 mappings).

At the start of my workflow I perform a RetrieveContext and can see the ServiceMap entries. So I'm thinking my issue is either with the format of the ContextStore entry from Avaya OD IVR and/or with my RequestResource node input mapping.

Here is the format for my AOD IVR to ContextStore entry:
"data": {
"Locale": "en-us",
"ServiceMap": {
"1": {
"attributes": {
"attributeId": [
"ContactType": [
"Language": [
"Dept": [
"Channel": [
"CallCenter": [
"minProficiency": "1",
"resourceCount": " ",
"rank": "3",
"priority": "5",
"maxProficiency": "1"
"MatchingService": " ",
"contextId": "448448",
"CustomerId": "448448",
"UCID": "00001087431617810283",
"ResourceMap": " ",
"DNIS": "10157500",
"CollectedDigits": "1,1,448448,2",
"requestId": "448448",
"topic": "undef",
"Strategy": "Most Idle",
"AgentId": "",
"ANI": "44433"

Appreciate all feedback Thank you.
Forum Index » Profile for Howard » Messages posted by Howard
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