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Messages posted by: Sandy
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Thank you Frank.

It worked for me also.

Did anyone have an idea to get POM ContactGroupID in OD application?

I have a requirement to call POM Web Service(VP_POMSysAPIService.GetNotificationText).

This Web Service requires four Inputs
1. Job ID
2. Contact Id
3. Contact Group Id
4. Text Id

I’m getting all the fields in OD application except ContactGroupId.

Can any one please answer for this question?

Thanks in advance.

This issue was resolved after i placed the POMDriverApp.war in AEP - application(tomcat) server.


Can anyone please help me for the following issue.

Variables are not receiving from POM to OD application.

Getting exception as “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Null value of ContactInfo Fields or Contact ID is not supported “

I’m using “Get Contact Info” item from palate to retrieve pomDynamicAttributes.

Note – “Update Completion Code” is working. Only I have problem with “Get Contact Info” for retrieving pomDynamicAttributes.

I have attached the screen shot.

POM - 2.5
AAOD 6.0

Thanks in advance.
Forum Index » Profile for Sandy » Messages posted by Sandy
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