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Messages posted by: Ankush_deprecated
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We developed a client using CCT Open Interfaces SOAP based SDK. We have having a challenge where the getTerminals() is returning only 29 terminals even though there are 529 terminals currently defined. We are having the same issue with the OI reference client however the .Net SDK based ref client works fine.

We have a support ticket open for this but while we wait for someone to respond to it, just wanted to know of anyone else has come across this scenario?

Avaya Aura Contact Center High Availability with Geo Redundancy
Version 6.4 Service Pack 13
Patch levels applied: Patches 212 and 394.
Is there a way to configure the timer for a Landing Pad that is reserved to store contact data using the SOAP web services in the AML environment v6.4 sp12?
If an AML CCT system is configured to allow agent to "Hot desk" so they're not tied to a terminal, what is the best way to login using the SOAP based web services after CCT User login? I cannot find a webservice listed for this and the SessionService or UserService requires us to supply the Terminal name but the agents will only know the phone extension by looking at the softphone or physical phone at the desk. AAAD on the same workstation does retrieve the workstation name and the phone extension tied to the workstation.

Forum Index » Profile for Ankush_deprecated » Messages posted by Ankush_deprecated
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