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Messages posted by: JuanMorales2
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Changed to 6.0SP3, redeployed but we are still getting threads with enormous times of execution connecting to /aesconnector/BlindCall?callee%3D4555%26uui%3D1%7C0%7C4390845%7C%7CBOG.....

That one has been going on for 16240536ms (so 4.5 hours of processor time). We will try with the localhost pdc setting and let you know what happens.
On DD (SP3 I believe) the CTI Connector PDC screen has no setting.

Can this be setup via a change in web.xml inside the connector or a property somewhere on 5?
The only load balancing we are using is provided by Experience Portal itself, so there is no other hardware or software balancing.

Does this PDC setting apply to DD5 as well?
They had 200 threads, we moved it up to 800. Yes, they do have a lot of channels (about 500), shared across 2 Tomcats.
Attached the log.

The thing is, the system has not increased in size or traffic lately, but this started happening.

I have a large system (DD 5.1SP3) that when it gets traffic has error like:

25/08/2015 07:27:34:160 ERROR - CallInfo.doGetCallInfoInitialCall: No call info available for extension 29498
25/08/2015 07:27:44:380 ERROR - CallInfo.doGetCallInfoInitialCall: No call info available for extension 29155
25/08/2015 07:28:10:097 ERROR - CallInfo.doGetCallInfoInitialCall: No call info available for extension 29029

I sent it to AES support but they said everything was normal. Upon looking at Tomcat we saw that there are several threads with very long times hanging on CTICall (see attached picture). Of course, if we restart Tomcat these disappear and things are normal for a while.

Inside the code the getcticallinfo (which is sent about 5 secs after the call starts) fails and the system handles it. The question is: Why is it failing so much?


I have created a Custom Class and put it into an strategy as a custom class for when there is no answer. However, the class seems not to be executing. We have restarted the POM services and we see the jar where our custom class is being read by the processes on the operating system.

However no logs are written and the actions on the class are not performed. On the PIM_CmpMgr.log we see the following line:

21 May 2015 17:17:34,989 [StateWorker602-0] ERROR com.avaya.pim.core.VoiceCaller2.makeCCXMLCall( - Out Call Web Service returned fault: Transport error: 401 Error: Unauthorized

However calls that don't use the custom class get sent and work with no issues.

The jar is being written on the lib/config directory. Is this OK. If it is, how can we know that the class is being loaded (or not)? Is there a log to turn on?


I want a CCXML application to perform operations depending on the value received on the UUI field. However, the UUI must be transfered using CTI. From what I saw on, the CTI information cannot be transfered using CCXML. If this is the case, how can I access the UUI via CTI in a CCXML app?
The PKIX message, most of the time, points to an issue with a certificate.

Maybe the page you are requesting is not https, but something that that page requires once fetched IS https. Add the certificate to the eclipse keystore.
With SQL Server you can also reduce the timeout (to say, 9 secs) on the JDBC URI, like thisL jdbc:sqlserver://;DatabaseName=MY_DB;LoginTimeout=9;QueryTimeout=9

That way if the operation takes too long, instead of a fetch timeout you get a normal exception that can be handled on your data nodes.
We have disabled the logging and the issue, so far, seems to have disappeared. Thanks!

However, we did not have that much logging to begin with (20Mb/ day) and few calls: About 5 concurrent normally, and about 10 when disaster strikes.
This is however our first project using Tomcat 7 and OD7, we've had projects with lots more logging on other versions of OD and Tomcat with no issues.

We have an app developed with OD7.00.18.01, deployed on Tomcat 7.0.54 on Linux CentOs 6.4. The app we have works for a few days but then, when under load, the processor usage shoots up and the app becomes unresponsive.

We have put monitoring in place and have figured out that a thread becomes blocked when logging and that causes the outage (attached an image of such a blocked thread, notice the high number for processor usage).

First, we saw that the blocking part was the AESConnector (hence the DistributeCSTA event) and unloaded it from our Tomcat. This means that the problem is not as pervasive, but still happens.

We have identified that the piece that blocks is always org.apache.log4j.Category.callAppenders, and on this page they state that the code might lock under some circunstances.

Is there anything we can do to prevent the system from locking up?
Attached the generated vxml
As per your suggestion we brought it up with Loquendo and used satca (their tool) to create a builtin grammar, with that we created an external grammar.

Loquendo said that the URI was something like builtin:ro/anamehere, where anamehere is the name of the grammar we "compiled". However when we use it the system tries to obtain the build it grammar as a URL and of course returns a MalformedURL. How are we suppposed to write the URL?
We are experiencing this as well, and it is not even happening every time we enter a certain menu, just sometimes. Could this have something to do with the customer hanging up?
At last it worked!!!

IT turned out there is a setting on the shared library called "Use an isolated classloader for this shared library" (On the Environment -> Shared Libraries option on the menu on the left) . We changed that and it started working. This means that reports are now working, it also means that loading parameters now work.

Thank you!
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