DevConnect Compliance Testing


DevConnect Compliance Tests provide Avaya customers with a higher level of comfort in the interoperability between DevConnect Member solutions and Avaya products. Through a jointly developed test plan, DevConnect Technology Partners and Testing-enabled Registered Members work with DevConnect engineers to assess the interoperability of both member and Avaya products.

Upon successful test completion, Avaya will publish one or more DevConnect Application Notes to assist Avaya support personnel, channel partners and customers in configuring and deploying these interoperable products.

DevConnect Technology Partners can also receive additional marketing benefits, including use of DevConnect compliance marks in their collateral, and promotion to Avaya channels and customers of their interoperable solutions.

DevConnect Tested Mark

For detailed information about the DevConnect Compliance Testing process, testing facilities, test reports and Application Notes, see:

To view the list of Avaya interfaces that are eligible for DevConnect Compliance Testing, see Interfaces Available for DevConnect Compliance Testing and Technical Support

SIP Trunk Interoperability Testing

DevConnect provides compliance testing of SIP trunk services from Service Providers around the globe against Avaya Aura, IP Office and other Avaya solutions in line with specific reference architectures using the Avaya Aura Session Border Controller for Enterprises (ASBCE) in most, if not all, configurations. The document below describes these reference architectures, and any limitations regarding the inclusion of third-party Session Border Controllers in our test lab configurations:

Avaya IP Office Compliance Testing

When considering compliance testing with an Avaya IP Office platform, developers and SIP Trunk Service Providers should review the additional information available about Compliance Testing with Avaya IP Office. Specific details covered include:

  • Selecting an Avaya IP Office platform for compliance testing
  • Testbed configuration and compliance test coverage
  • Applicability of compliance testing to other IP Office platforms and configurations, including Powered by Avaya IP Office

Requesting Compliance Testing

Members must be logged in to the DevConnect portal in order to submit requests for DevConnect Compliance Testing.

Members should review both the Solution Test Checklist and the Test Plan Template prior to requesting compliance testing for your products and solutions.

Before requesting compliance testing, please also review the DevConnect Compliance Testing FAQ, which contains details on the DevConnect Compliance Testing process, including:

  • Prerequisites for compliance testing
  • Compliance test coverage
  • Compliance test exceptions
  • Test process time frames, including lead time from entering a request to test start and completion
  • How membership levels affect compliance testing
  • Purchasing additional compliance testing time
  • Other available compliance testing services

Application Notes

DevConnect Application Notes are developed in conjunction with DevConnect members to demonstrate proven interoperability between a members' application and Avaya products, using Avaya APIs and open standards.