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DevConnect publishes a number of eBooks on key topics, aimed at the developer community. The eBooks provide an ideal introduction to the capabilities of Avaya product APIs and SDKs, and provides insight into the opportunities they afford for building vital and practical communication solutions. DevConnect eBooks are available as free downloads from the DevConnect portal. This topic lists the currently available DevConnect eBooks, with links to further information and the eBook downloads.

Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services eBooks

Mastering Device, Media and Call Control Using Avaya DMCC Dashboard

Mastering Device, Media and Call Control book coverIf you are in the business of specifying, designing or developing advanced IP communications applications, use the Avaya DMCC Dashboard to simplify and accelerate the development process:

  • Understand the device, media and call control functionality available to your applications
  • Rapidly prototype unified communications and contact center applications, without writing any code
  • Test and troubleshoot application logic and structure with script recording and replay

This DevConnect eBook is your complete guide to the Avaya DMCC Dashboard, a purpose-built tool for learning the Device, Media and Call Control (DMCC) Service API for Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services. Step-by-step overviews of the features, usage and benefits of the DMCC Dashboard make it easy to master these capabilities for your own advanced IP communications applications.
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Avaya Orchestration Designer eBooks

Developing Exceptional Multi-Modal Customer Experiences

Developing Exceptional Multi-modal Customer Experiences book cover Self-service telephone applications that use an approach called Interactive Voice Response (IVR) are relatively commonplace today. This eBook examines how businesses can take self-service applications to a wholly different level by adding speech and video capabilities to the equation, enabling Interactive Voice and Video Response(IVVR). By taking advantage of the ability to include speech recognition, video and advanced call routing capabilities in a self-service voice application, businesses can enhance the experience for users and get a leg up on the competition. IVVR can also help control costs by further streamlining the involvement of human contacts in customer support business processes.

Thanks to powerful development tools and standards like SMIL, VoiceXML, and CCXML, the creation of IVVR applications is easier than ever before. This eBook is going to take you on a tour of the development process used to create such multi-modal customer experiences.
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Avaya IP Deskphones eBooks

Mastering Avaya one-X® Deskphone Application Development

Mastering Avaya one-X Deskphone Application Development book coverThis DevConnect eBook provides an ideal introduction to the world of application development for Avaya IP deskphones. After reading the book you will have a good understanding of what deskphone applications are and what they can be used for. In particular, you will learn about the additional roles that Avaya IP deskphones can play over and above being an in-call communications device, including:

  • Acting as an information hub for out-of-call, unsolicited content pushed to the telephone by an application, including audio and visual messages.
  • Requesting and displaying web content generated by an application.
  • Acting as the user interface to browser-based web applications.
In addition, developers can create applications that offer customized content and branded "look-and-feel" of the deskphone user interface, allowing it to be tailored for specific users, locations, use cases and events.
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