Developer Education Resources


DevConnect provides an extensive set of educational resources to help developers learn how to create solutions using supported Avaya interfaces.

Product-specific Educational Resources

The full range or product- and interface-specific educational resources are available from the Educational Resources page for each of the individual products and interfaces supported by DevConnect.
Products A-Z

DevConnect eBooks

DevConnect publishes a number of eBooks on key topics, aimed at the developer community. The eBooks provide an ideal introduction to the capabilities of Avaya product APIs and SDKs, and provides insight into the opportunities they afford for building vital and practical communication solutions.
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On-line Training Courses

DevConnect has developed a series of on-line, self-paced training courses on the use of key product interfaces that are available free of charge to DevConnect members.
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Tutorials & Sample Applications

DevConnect provides additional sample applications and tutorial that complement those included in product SDKs. The DevConnect sample applications and tutorials demonstrate the capabilities of the various product interfaces, provide templates for the types of client application that can be developed and show developers how to create those applications.
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Technical Training Webinars

A series of technical training webinars were presented by DevConnect's training partners, Web Age Solutions and Macadamian, between May 2011 and July 2013, exclusively to DevConnect members.
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DevConnect Training Partners

DevConnect has partnered with a number of training providers to offer discounts on technical training courses to members:
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