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Avaya ACE™ Educational Resources

Avaya ACE Web Services Trainer and Video Guide

Software Download and Video Guide

For use with Avaya ACE™ Release 6.2 configurations:

The version of the Trainer intended for use with Avaya ACE Release 6.2 configurations was updated and reissued in June 2013 (Trainer Release to include the ability to exercise the new RESTful Messaging Web service and to subscribe for the Call Notification v4.0 Web service's new mid-call events.

For use with Avaya ACE Release 3.0 configurations:

Video guide:

About The Avaya Ace Web Services Trainer

Avaya ACE Web Services TrainerThe Avaya ACE Web Services Trainer is a developer training and demonstration tool, created by Avaya DevConnect. Its primary purpose is to teach developers about the real-time communications capabilities enabled by the Avaya ACE Web Services and to help them employ those capabilities in their own solutions. The Trainer achieves this by providing an intuitive, user-friendly Java Swing interface, with controls and other features that allow you to exercise the Web services and view the resulting SOAP requests and responses. In addition, you can learn more by inspecting The Trainer's source code and even reuse parts of it in your own solutions.

What you need to run The Trainer

To be able to run The Trainer, you need:

  • Access to an Avaya ACE/Aura® configuration: You may already have access to an in-house Avaya ACE/Aura configuration, but if not you can purchase developer editions from DevConnect or use the Avaya ACE Web Services with Avaya Aura remote lab. The remote lab is available on demand and at no cost to DevConnect members for periods of three months at a time.
  • At least three endpoint devices registered with Avaya Aura. These could be, for example, Avaya one-X™ deskphones, one-X Communicator softphones or instances of the Avaya one-X SIP deskphone emulator.
  • The Avaya ACE Web Services Trainer, which you can download above.

About the Video Guide

Avayay ACE Web Services Trainer Video GuideThe video guide acts not only as an installation, configuration and user guide for the Avaya ACE Web Services Trainer, but can additionally be viewed in its own right to learn about the key real-time communications that client applications can access by invoking the Avaya Agile Communication Environment Web services.

The video guide is in seven parts, comprising nine videos hosted on the Avaya DevConnect YouTube channel. Part 1a introduces the Avaya ACE Web Services Trainer, what it is and does, and what you need to run it. There is a demonstration of how to install and configure the Trainer, plus a quick tour of its user interface and help features. Part 1b provides essential background information about Avaya Aura service providers. The remaining six parts of the guide comprise detailed demonstrations and explanations of the capabilities that you can exercise and explore using The Trainer:

  1. Getting started:
    a. Introducing, installing and configuring The Trainer
    b. About Avaya Aura service providers
  2. Making two-party calls
  3. Monitoring call status and events
  4. Controlling active calls:
    a. Call initiated using 3PCC Web service version 2
    b. Call initiated using 3PCC Web service version 3
  5. Monitoring user presence
  6. Injecting media into calls
  7. Using the Message Drop and Blast Web services

To view the video guide, follow the link above.

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