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Avaya Agile Communication Environment™

Release 2.3

Avaya Agile Communication Environment™ (Avaya ACE™) Release 2.3 was made generally available in December 2010; the Avaya ACE 2.3.2 Service Pack was issued in April 2011. The 2.3 release was superseded by the 3.0 release in December 2011 and is no longer the latest release. The latest release is recommended for new development.

New In This Release

Avaya ACE Release 2.3 delivers the following new and enhanced features:

Avaya ACE Web Services:

  • A new version of the Third Party Call Extensions Web service (v2.3) introduces the generateDTMF operation.
  • Avaya Aura 5.2.1 and 6.0 communications platforms are now supported.
  • The Multimedia Conferencing Web service is no longer supported.

Avaya ACE Foundation Toolkit

The Avaya ACE Foundation Toolkit enables the development of custom sequenced and endpoint applications that leverage communications capabilities provided by Avaya Aura®. The Foundation Toolkit comprises:

  • Foundation Runtime Services, which are deployed on an Avaya ACE server that sits between Avaya Aura Session Manager and the client applications. The services provide capabilities that support the inclusion of sequenced and endpoint applications in callflows.
  • Foundation SDK, which includes client-side Java libraries that expose the Foundation Toolkit API and Sequenced Template API. The APIs are used by client applications to access capabilities provided by the Foundation Runtime Services. The SDK also includes sample applications that demonstrate use of the Foundation Toolkit API, with source code and documentation.

Core Platform

  • Windows deployments of Avaya ACE 2.3 run on the Windows 2008 R2 x64 bit operating system (not provided with the Avaya ACE software).
  • Linux deployments of Avaya ACE run on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux server operating system release 5.4 for a 64-bit x86 architecture.
  • IBM WebSphere Server Network Deployment version 7 is supported on Linux deployments and is included with Avaya ACE.
  • The Avaya ACE Release 2.3.2 Service Pack includes new functionality for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. Users of the Microsoft Communicator Add-in can now click-to-call from Office applications and Web pages, access new mid-call features while in softphone mode and remotely control Avaya Communication Server 1000 phones.

WSDL Files

Developer Documentation

Software Development Kits

Developer Documentation