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FAQ: Agile Communication Environment

This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions about Avaya Agile Communication Environment™ (ACE), and the use of Avaya ACE Web services to communications enable business systems and develop unified communications solutions.


How can the product documentation on the ACE Server be obtained?

The ACE Server contains all product documentation under the ACE OAM Web page, Help -> Product Documentation. For example, the details of ACE Web services can be found in the publication Web Services.

What are the hardware requirements to deploy Avaya ACE?

Avaya ACE deployment is supported on IBM x series and HP Proliant platforms. For details on supported hardware components viz. processors, memory, storage etc. please refer to Avaya Agile Communication Environment Planning and Installation, (NN10850-004): Hardware Requirements.

What software components does Avaya ACE contain?

Please refer to the Avaya Agile Communication Environment Planning and Installation, (NN10850-004) guide available at for details on Avaya ACE software components and packaging.

Where is the list of ports used by ACE defined?

The details of port usage on ACE host with Web service interfaces, service provider interfaces and the ACE Core management interfaces are documented in Avaya Agile Communication Environment Planning and Installation (NN10850-004): Port Usage.

After Avaya ACE has been successfully installed, ports on the ACE host can be configured to secure all network traffic using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. For more information on Avaya ACE port management, see the section Communication port management on Avaya ACE in Avaya Agile Communication Environment Administration (NN10850-005).

Can an ACE running system software release R2.2.x or R2.3.x be upgraded to R3.0?

Upgrade paths from ACE R2.2.x and R2.3.x to R3.0 are supported. R3.0 is supported only on 64 bit Linux OS. All references and support to Windows OS are removed. Please refer Avaya Agile Communication Environment Planning and Installation ( NN10850-004) guide for details.