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Avaya Analytics

Product Overview

Avaya Analytics for Oceana is a modular and extensible analytics and reporting platform that provides reporting of business measures. Avaya Analytics for Oceana supplies real-time and historical reporting for the Avaya Oceana Solution. It will report across all channels supported by the Avaya Oceana solution such as Voice, Chat, Email, SMS and Video. Two versions of the Avaya Analytics platform were made available with Avaya Oceana solution release 3.7. Avaya Analytics using Oracle release 3.7 is intended for systems deployed prior to 1-January 2020. This is the last release of Avaya Analytics using Oracle. Avaya Analytics using CSP is intended for new deployments from 1-January-2020 and should be used for new development.


  • Real-time, Historical Oceana Reporting
  • Reports by Agent, Channel, Routing Service
  • Open, Extensible Framework
  • Contact Detail Reporting
  • Advanced Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Support Advantage Preferred, Upgrade Advantage included

Important Avaya Analytics using Oracle

Avaya Analytics using Oracle is end of sale and out of support. Avaya Analytics Release is available only for existing customers to facilitate the migration to Avaya Analytics Release 4.1.
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Release News

Latest Release (Avaya CSP)
(December 2020)
View Release (Oracle)
(August 2020)
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