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Avaya Analytics

Avaya Analytics Release 3.7 using Oracle

Avaya Analytics Release 3.7 using Oracle was made generally available in December 2019; Service Pack 1 (Release was issued in February 2020. This is the latest release, and is recommended for new development on existing platforms.


To interact with the Kafka topics, third-party clients can send requests directly to the Kafka topics using one of the open source libraries listed on the Confluent website.

Kafka REST interface may continue to be used by existing integrations upgrading to Analytics; however, it is strongly advised that any new integrations interface directly with the Kafka topics. As the license has changed for the REST proxy and schema registry in Confluent 5.1, Avaya will no longer support use of the Kafka REST interface in any Avaya Analytics release becoming Generally Available after July 2020.

New in the Release

There are no new features in this release.

New in the Release 3.7

Avaya Analytics 3.7 using Oracle introduced the following new and enhanced features:

  • Support for Data At Rest encryption, introducing the capability to redact customer information from the database, and to replay those redactions in the case of restored backups.
  • Reporting on the enhanced transfer capability delivered in the Avaya Oceana solution, whereby digital channels such as email and chat contacts can be transferred to other Avaya Oceana users.
  • Two new measures introduced in the Agent producer to enhance real time dashboards – Agent Voice Call State and Time in Agent Voice Call State.
  • EASG support for secure access to the Analytics servers.
  • Supports RHEL 7.7 for upgrades and new deployments.
  • Ability to remove the Moving Windows applications for optimum performance, preserving the setting on upgrade.

For more information about the new features in this release, see the Release Notes available for download under the Downloads tab.

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