Avaya Aura Platform

Development Tools & Configurations

Important Note: All Avaya Aura application development configurations purchased through the DevConnect program are licensed for development use only, and must not be used in production environments.

Avaya Aura® Full Stack for VMware with Media Server -OR- G450 Gateway

DevConnect Technology Partners and Test-Enabled Registered members may purchase Avaya Aura Full Stack for VMware with Avaya Aura® Media Server or the G450 Gateway. The solution comprises virtual machines for each of the Avaya Aura Platform core components, plus either a Avaya Aura® Media Server or G450 Gateway.

Avaya Aura Full Stack VMWare procurement offer is provided as VMWare ESXi OVAs/ISOs. The VMWare (virtualized) Full Stack solution does not include Avaya-supplied server (i.e. hardware) to run the virtual machines. The purchaser is required to provide their own VMWare vSphere version 6 or later infrastructure (VMWare licensing and servers).

The procurement offers are comprised the following Avaya Aura components delivered as downloadable OVA files for installation in a VMWare environment:

  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager
  • Avaya Messaging (formerly OfficeLinx)
  • Avaya Aura Session Manager
  • Avaya Aura System Manager
  • Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services
  • Avaya Aura Presence Services w/ dedicated Avaya Breeze instance
  • Avaya Aura Media Server -OR- Avaya G450 Gateway