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Avaya Aura® Platform

Release 8.1.1

The Avaya Aura® Platform is designed to serve the needs of service providers and enterprise IT organizations that are looking to provide voice, text, video, web collaboration, and contact center services across a medium to large group of subscribers or end-users. In this release, key area of enhancements include:

  • Support for Geographic Redundancy in mixed deployment environment
  • Avaya Device Adapter Snap-in support for a host of legacy CS 1000 endpoints
  • Increased capacity and elimination of the separate utility server component to streamline the solution and enable lower total cost of ownership
  • Support for sharing the Avaya Aura┬« Media Server instance with multiple adopter applications

Avaya Aura® Platform Release 8.1.1 was made generally available in October 2019. This is the latest release of the Avaya Aura Platform and is recommended for new development.

Release 8.1.1 includes the following Avaya Aura Platform components that provide interfaces supported by DevConnect:

For information about the release, see: