AE Services Tutorial: Performing Basic Telephony Operations using Avaya JTAPI SDK

Latest Release: 10.2 (Dec 2023)

About This Tutorial

This tutorial describes the basic telephony services provided by the Avaya AE Services Java Telephony API (JTAPI) SDK and shows how to perform various telephony-related operations such as originating, detecting, answering, and disconnecting a call using the SDK. The tutorial also describes the call control events received by the application, during various call operations, from the Application Enablement (AE) Services server.

Intended Audience

This beginner-level tutorial is intended for Java developers who have a working knowledge of telecommunications applications and are familiar with the basics of the AE Services JTAPI SDK. Familiarity with Avaya Communication Manager is beneficial.

After completing this tutorial, the developer will have a detailed understanding of the fundamental third-party call control capabilities such as originating, detecting, answering, and disconnecting a call using Avaya JTAPI SDK.


This tutorial assumes that the developer has access to the AE Services JTAPI SDK and an appropriate runtime environment.

To perform the operations covered in this tutorial, the application must first be initialized. The developer must be aware of the application initialization and event monitoring procedures, as covered in the AE Services Tutorial: An Introduction to the Avaya JTAPI SDK.

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