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AE Services Sample Application: List Stations Web Portal

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About The Sample Application

The List Stations Web Portal sample application demonstrates the use of the Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services (AE Services) System Management Service component in the context of a Web Services application.

This application allows an authenticated user to browse provisioning stations in Avaya Aura Communication Manager.

The application also allows authenticated users to search station information using station attributes such as extension, name and type.

Note: This sample application was updated in June 2010 (Issue 1.1) to use the new XML parsed data that was introduced in AE Services Release 5.2.

Target Avaya Platform

  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager 5.2.1 or higher
  • Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services 5.2 or higher


In order to compile this application, you will need the following software:

  • PC running Microsoft Windows2000 Professional SP 4
  • PC running Java JDK/JRE Version 1.6.0_06
  • PC installed with Apache Ant version 1.6.5
  • Java Eclipse Platform 3.3.2

Runtime Environment elements include:

  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager 5.2.1
  • Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services 5.2
  • Client and Web Server PC running Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP 4
  • Client and Web Server PC running Java JRE Version 1.6.0_06
  • Web Server PC running Tomcat Version 5.5.25

Sample Application Downloads

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