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Tutorial: Avaya Aura AE Services TSAPI Application Initialization

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About This Tutorial

This tutorial outlines the core concepts of Session and Event Management, control services and private data for Avaya Aura® Application Enablement (AE) Services' Telephony Service API (TSAPI).

This tutorial provides an overview of TSAPI essentials, using code examples to demonstrate how to write a telephony-application for Avaya Aura Communication Manager, using the AE Services TSAPI SDK.

A complete code example is also provided.

Intended Audience

This introductory-level tutorial is intended for developers who have a working knowledge of C/C++ programming on Windows platforms and wish to implement telephony-enabled applications in an Avaya Aura Communication Manager environment.

While this is not an exhaustive introduction to TSAPI, once complete the readers should be able to:

  • Understand TSAPI concepts
  • Initialize a telephony-enabled application using the Avaya TSAPI library
  • Open a Session with a TSAPI Service (with or without Private Data negotiation)
  • Receive events from TSAPI Service
  • Start and stop monitoring a device
  • Handle error conditions
  • Close the Session with TSAPI Service
  • Abort the session with TSAPI Service


This tutorial assumes the reader has a working understanding of telecommunication concepts (Calls, extensions, devices, sessions).

Developing and executing TSAPI based application requires both the Avaya Aura Application Enablement (AE) Services TSAPI SDK and TSAPI Client for the appropriate release of Avaya Aura AE Services deployed in the target environment.

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