Avaya Aura AE Services Real Time Agent's State Events

Latest Release: 10.1.3 (May 2023)


Applications Enablement Services release 10.1.2 introduces a new capability termed "Real Time Agent’s State Events". This capability provides real-time agent state changes (Ready, Not Ready, Work, and Pending Work Mode) as published events from Applications Enablement Services/Communication Manager to Application Enablement Services applications.

Third-party applications can receive the event stream as published events, enabling the applications to react to these changes in real-time and make more accurate business logic decisions. This eliminates the need to poll Application Enablement Services for the Agent State.

Developers will use a new Avaya Specific License (ASL) SDK and enhanced level TSAPI license (new license type) to access the Real Time Agent’s State Events. Before access to this functionality is granted, members must first submit a request, which the Applications Enablement Services product management team will review. Upon approval, Avaya will provide the SDK, license, and additional materials (e.g., API documentation) required to access this new functionality.

The new TSAPI license type introduced in Application Enablement Services 10.1.2 for the Real Time Agent’s State Events functionality is "Advance Agents". When this license is in place, properly enabled CTI applications can receive real time updates of the following agent events:

  • Ready (Auto-in, Manual-in)
  • Not Ready (Aux)
  • Work Not ready (ACW)

Integration partners (CTI App Developers) requiring access to this capability must request access to the SDK from Avaya. In addition, developers and end customers must also purchase the Advance Agent license, which is a per agent license, in a quantity sufficient to match their site needs. To request access, please create a DevConnect General Support ticket on the DevConnect portal. We will then facilitate the discussion with the Application Enablement Services product management team.