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Avaya Aura AE Services DMCC Dashboard

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The DMCC Dashboard is a .NET application that demonstrates all of the capabilities of the Avaya Aura AE Services DMCC Service in a single application.

The DMCC Dashboard is a valuable tool for all developers who want to quickly learn about DMCC, including C developers currently using the DMCC XML interface and .Net Developers who wish to use the DMCC .Net API.

Latest Releases

Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services Release 6.3 was made generally available in May 2013. For information about new DMCC Service functionality and to download the DMCC .NET SDK that includes the latest version of the DMCC Dashboard, following the link under How to Obtain the DMCC Dashboard below.

Features Of The DMCC Dashboard

  • Expose all the functionality of the DMCC .Net API in a single tool
  • Provide the ability to do simple prototyping
  • Tool tips provide quick information on every interface
  • Ability to access the DevConnect website directly for information on any interface
  • Ability to save a set of actions in a script and play those back at a later time
  • Ability to monitor all XML messages going to/from the DMCC Server, eliminating the need to review log files
  • Ability to send any XML messages to the service (a great feature for C programmers who are using the raw XML interface to DMCC)
  • Ability to interface to Multiple DMCC servers simultaneously
  • Ability to control multiple devices
The DMCC Dashboard is also provided as a thin-client application, using Internet Explorer. This option demonstrates all the interfaces to DMCC .NET API which are available to the HTML/JavaScript developer. Source code for both HTML and JavaScript are included.

How To Obtain The DMCC Dashboard

The DMCC Dashboard is available at no charge to DevConnect members. The DMCC Dashboard is included in DMCC .NET SDK download. Updates to the latest DMCC .NET SDK version are available to DevConnect members as stand-alone downloads:
DMCC Releases: DMCC .NET SDK and Documentation

Additional Resources


On-line Doc.
Path Change

Get instructions
Important Note: DMCC Dashboard 6.3.1 and earlier users must update the "Path to online user documentation" to continue taking advantage of context-senstive, on-line help. Click Get instructions to find out how.