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Avaya Aura® AE Services DMCC Dashboard

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Update Path to On-line Documentation

These instructions apply only to versions of the DMCC Dashboard provided with AE Services 6.3.1 and earlier. If you are using Release 6.3.3 or later you do not need to make any changes to the Dashboard's default configuration to use the on-line documentation.

The DMCC Dashboard provides context-sensitive, on-line documentation to help users learn about selected controls. The on-line documentation is hosted by DevConnect. Because of the recent launch of the new DevConnect portal, the path to the on-line documentation has changed. To update the path in your DMCC Dashboard, so that you can continue to access context-sensitive help:

  1. Open the DMCC Dashboard in the normal way.

  2. On the Main tab, copy and paste the following URL into the "Path to online user documentation" field:

    as shown:

    DMCC Dashboard Path to online user documentation Field

  3. Make sure that you haven't inadvertently copied any trailing spaces with the URL.

  4. Click Create Config File, as shown:

    Click Create Config File Button

  5. Click Yes at the Save File Confirmation dialog to overwrite the existing config file.

You can now access the on-line help on the new DevConnect Portal, in the usual way. The new path is saved in the config file and will automatically be used thereafter whenever you open the DMCC Dashboard.