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System Management Service (SMS) Web service

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Release 5.2

Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services (AE Services) Release 5.2 was made generally available in November 2009. This is NOT the latest AE Services release; the latest release is recommended for new development.

New In This Release

System Management Service (SMS) Web Service and SDK

  • XML Formatted Interface. A new XML formatted interface runs as a separate web service deployed under its own URL alias on the SMS server. The XML formatted interface provides access to the same models, operations and fields as the existing pipe-delimited string formatted interface. The string formatted interface is now deprecated, although existing applications will continue to work without update. Developers should use the new XML interface to develop new applications and are encouraged to update current applications before the next major release of SMS. To support the new XML formatted interface, the SMS SDK has been updated to include the XML WSDL specification, XML schemas referenced in the WSDL, an on-line reference of supported models, operations and fields, and an interactive SOAP client.
  • Unicode UTF-8 Support. SMS supports UTF-8 encoding for the Native Names fields in the Station Model, Agent Model, TrunkGroup Model, HuntGroup Model, VDN Model and Vector Model.