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FAQ: Application Enablement Services

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What kind of licenses that developers need to develop and run JTAPI applications?

JTAPI uses TASPI service in Application Enablement Server. It does not require special licensing requirements other than TSAPI license requirements. Please see TSAPI licensing requirements in TSAPI FAQ.

If all the VDNs in a switch are being monitored using the JTAPI API's callCenterCallObserver, does monitoring each call, VDN, or station consume a TSAPI basic license?

In JTAPI, the monitorCallsViaDevice method on a VDN consumes no licenses. A license is consumed when the application does something to a call it has discovered exists (through its monitor on the VDN).

A monitor on a station (typically an Agent), takes a TSAPI Basic User license as long as the monitor is active. Usually, one station monitor requires one TSAPI Basic User license. If an application performs call control on a station that is NOT already monitored, then an additional license would be needed during the call control operation.

The TSAPI Basic User license is often referred to as either an "agent-based license" or a "station based license. It is intended for applications that want to monitor a call or a station