Avaya Aura Communication Manager

Latest Release: 10.2 (December 2023)

Development Tools & Configurations

The development tools and configurations on this page are available to help DevConnect members develop and test their own applications created with Avaya Aura Communication Manager.

Avaya Aura Development Platform Avaya Aura Full Stack for VMware with Media Server -OR- G450 Gateway

Avaya Aura Full Stack for VMware comprises virtual machines for System Manager, Session Manager, Communication Manager, Avaya Messaging, Applications Enablement Services (AE Services), Presence Services with dedicated Breeze instance, along with Avaya Aura Media Server or a G450 Gateway. These configurations are available as DevConnect Procurement options.

Remote Labs

Avaya Aura AE Services & Communication Manager

DevConnect members can reserve a dedicated access slot in the AE Services and Communication Manager Remote Lab. The lab provides remote access to a configuration comprising the latest releases of AE Services and Communication Manager, which can be used to prototype and validate CTI applications created using AE Services interfaces and IP deskphone applications created using the Push API.

Legacy Character Coding Mapping Tables

This document contains mapping tables for Communication Manager internal character encodings to standard character encodings such as ISO 8859. Members will need to use these mapping tables in conversion programs when accessing Communication Manager legacy fields. Mapping Tables for Communication Manager Legacy Character Encoding (44 KB .pdf)

Procurement Options

The following systems may be procured by DevConnect Technology Partners and Test-enabled Registered Members for development purposes:

  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager for VMware
  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager for VMware, with Avaya Aura Media Server
  • Avaya E-159 and E169 Media
  • Avaya 96x1 IP Deskphones
  • Avaya B189 IP Conference Phone
  • H-175 Video Collaboration Station
  • Avaya J-169 desk phone
  • Other endpoints such as J-series and Vantage devices may be requested for custom procurement through a procurement ticket or by making a request to the member's BDM