Directory Enabled Management (DEM)

Latest Release: 10.2 (December 2023)


About DEM

Important Note:
  • DEM cannot be used with Communication Manager 7.0 or higher. Developers can use the System Manager Web services to access equivalent capabilities.
  • DEM is End of Support. Technical Support ended on 31st December 2017.
  • DEM solutions are not eligible for Compliance Testing.
Directory Enabled Management (DEM) provides an environment to LDAP-enable (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Avaya Aura Communication Manager and Avaya Modular Messaging, providing the following key benefits:
  • Provides real-time read/write access to devices in converged voice/data networks.
  • Synchronizes information from multiple devices.
  • Establishes platform for management automation applications.
DEM consists of the DEM Administrator, DataStore Managers, Synchronization Engine and an LDAP Data Store. DEM clients are LDAP-based applications that enable users to view and modify the DEM data.For an overview of DEM capabilities and use, see:
Important Note: DEM is not eligible for Compliance Testing by DevConnect.

Latest Release

DEM Release 6.0 was made generally available in April 2011. DEM 6.0 supports the Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.x, 5.x and 4.x releases, and the Avaya Modular Messaging 5.x, 4.x and 3.x releases. DEM 6.0 supersedes all earlier releases. DevConnect does not make resources for earlier releases of DEM available for download.

DEM Licensing Requirements

A software license is required to enable DEM to log into and manage supported Avaya Aura Communication Manager releases. DEM 6.0 requires a new software license; earlier DEM release licenses cannot be used with DEM 6.0. DEM is licensed based on the number of systems to which it connects. DevConnect Technology Partners and enhanced-level Registered Members can request development lab licenses by raising a DevConnect Technical Support ticket. Production licenses can be purchased via the normal sales channels.