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FAQ: Directory Enabled Management

This document contains the Frequently Asked Questions on Avaya Directory Enabled Management.

Installation Issues

Why am I unable to "set default triggers"?

Most likely your settings for the Gateway Agent are incorrect. Select the GWAgent tab in the DEM Administrator and click on the startup button. Browse to the \DEM\bin directory. Verify that all settings here are correct, and save any changes.

What is the initial DEM login and password?

The login is "Administrator" and the password is "password". Make sure you immediately change this by selecting 'Security' from the Actions menu in DEM.

Configuration Issues

Which version of Communication Manager (CM) do I have?

To find out which version of CM you have login to the SAT for CM and run the 'list configuration software' command. You will see the following line 'Memory Resident: R012x.'. The number directly before the 'x' is your version. If it is 13 then you are running CM 3.0, if it is 12 or 11 then you are running 2.0 or 1.0 which is Pre CM 3.0 (R-11) in DEM, and if it is 10 or less then you are running Pre R-11 in DEM. In the above example you are running CM 2.0 which would be Pre CM 3.0 (R-11) in the DEM settings.

How do I modify the configuration of a DSM?

From the DEM administrator, select the "DSM Wizard" from the toolbar. Then select the DSM you wish to modify and click 'edit'.

DEM Administration Client Issues

Why am I unable to log into DEM? I am getting 'TAO' or 'CORBA' errors?

TAO and/or CORBA may need to be restarted. Run 'DEM_REFRESH' from either the desktop or the \DEM\BIN folder to correct this problem. Make sure 'GOSM' service is running and is set to start on system boot.

How do I add new DSMs, I.E. another Switch or Voicemail System?

From the DEM administrator, select the "DSM Wizard" from the toolbar. Then choose which type of DSM you are adding and click 'add'.

DataStore Manager Issues

Why is DEM not detecting changes made directly to Communication Manager (CM)?

First make sure that the changes are being made to DEM supported objects in CM, see DEM 3.1 Data Schema. Also ensure that the login that the CM DataStore Manager uses to login to CM has type equal to 'customer' and service level equal to 'super-user'. You can do this via the sat and the 'change login' command.

Why does my DataStore Manager fail to Activate?

Ensure that your DataStore Manager is using a valid configuration file. Run 'DEM_REFRESH' from either the desktop or the \DEM\BIN folder to possibly correct this problem.

Why does my DataStore Manager fail to Attach?

Make sure you have Activated the DataStore Manager and that it is in the 'Detached' state. Also ensure that the Synchronization Engine (SE) is running. Finally verify, via the DSM Wizard, that the configuration settings for this DataStore Manager are correct.

DEM Client (LDAP) Issues

Why can't I make changes to the data in DEM, LDAP, even though I am able to read the data?

The DEM client may have read only privileges in LDAP. Ensure that you are using a client with read and write privileges, and make sure you are logging in with both the user name and password.

Why don't I see the changes I made via DEM on the end device, I.E. the switch.

Ensure that you are making the changes through DEM and not directly into LDAP. Any changes made directly to LDAP will not be detected by DEM and your end device. You need to set your IP address and port number to that of DEM rather than that of you LDAP server (I.E. port 4000, not port 389). Also you must have set the default triggers via the DEM Administrator.

Why cant I connect to DEM using the test client or my custom DEM client?

Verify that you are using the proper credentials to log into DEM in both your DEM client, or test client, and the Gateway Agent. You should also ensure that you are using the Windows 2000 and newer format for the user name if you are using Active Directory or ADAM. This is user@domain and not domain\user. To verify the Gateway Agent settings login to the DEM Administrator, and select the GWAgent tab. Click the 'Startup' button and browse to the \DEM\bin directory.

Why cant I connect to DEM when using Active Directory or ADAM as my LDAP server?

Ensure that you are using the Widows 2000 and newer user name format (I.E. user@domain) and that you have created a node for DEM in LDAP under the root. Make sure you are including that node in your root settings in DEM. (I.E. if your root is 'DC=Avaya, DC=com', then create a new node like 'ou=DEM' below the root. Then for all DEM settings you would use 'ou=DEM, DC=Avaya, DC=com' as the LDAP root)