Avaya Aura Communication Manager

SNMP Renewal in 6.3.111, 7.0 and Higher Releases

What changes are being made to SNMP functionality?

Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.3.111 and higher releases, including the 7.x releases, introduce changes to the Communication Manager SNMP Stack, SNMP Subagents, SNMP Commands, and SNMP System Management Interface (SMI) Pages.

IMPORTANT: The updated SNMP MIBs are completely different from those issued with Communication Manager 6.3.xx and earlier releases. Applications that process SNMP information from the earlier releases will not work with the 6.3.111 or higher releases, and will require updating to use the new MIB structure.

Starting with the 6.3.111 and 7.0 releases:

  • Two new MIBs, AVAYA-AURA-CM-MIB and AVAYA-AURA-CMALARM-MIB, replace the previously used G3-Avaya-MIB.
  • The SNMP stack has been changed to Net-SNMP.
  • New Net-SNMP Communication Manager Subagents have been developed.

For full details, see the Avaya Aura Communication Manager SNMP Renewal Quick Reference Guide, Avaya Aura Communication Manager SNMP Administration and Reference Guide and Product Support Notice PSN020171u.

How do the changes affect me?

If you have existing solutions that use the G3-Avaya-MIB, you will need to update them to use the new MIBs and thereby ensure that they will interoperate successfully with the 6.3.111, 7.0 and higher releases of Communication Manager. Copies of the new MIBs are provided below to help you plan and prepare the updates you will need to make:

If your solutions have been compliance tested with Communication Manager 6.3, Avaya strongly recommends that you submit them for retesting with releases 6.3.1xx and 7.0 as soon as they have been updated.

What else do I need to know?

  • SNMP renewal is the only difference between the current 6.3.xx release (6.3.11) and the first 6.3.1xx release (6.3.111).
  • Once release 6.3.111 is made generally available, all new 6.3 Communication Managers sold will be on the 6.3.1xx load line and use the new MIBs.
  • Existing customers on the 6.3.xx load line do not have to upgrade to 6.3.1xx. If they do not upgrade, they will continue to use the old MIB.
  • Avaya will continue to provide patches and updates on the 6.3.xx and 6.3.1xx load lines, in parallel, for the lifetime of the 6.3 release.
  • Customers may have a mix of 6.3.xx and 6.3.1xx systems, or 6.3.xx and 7.0 systems, in their environments. Solutions that process SNMP information in mixed environments must be able to distinguish between systems, and use the appropriate MIBs.