Avaya Aura Communication Manager

Latest Release: 10.2 (December 2023)

Release 6.2

Avaya Aura Communication Manager Release 6.2 was made generally available in July 2012; Service Pack 7 was issued September 2013. This is NOT the latest release of Communication Manager; it is recommended that the latest release be used for new development.

Important Effective July 9, 2018, Avaya is no longer providing support for Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.2 -- including all previous releases in the 6.x series. Additional information can be found here here. For all new development, Avaya recommends that developers use the latest Communication Manager release.

New in Release 6.2

Avaya Aura Communication Manager Release 6.2 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Enhanced SIP call features
    Including enhanced call forwarding, enhanced call pickup alerting, Team button, group paging and auto dial buttons.
  • SIP to H.323 Direct Media
    Communication Manager uses the SIP to H.323 Direct Media feature to directly connect SIP stations or SIP trunks to H.323 stations, without using a media resource and shuffling the call.
  • SIP INFO out-of-band DTMF digit processing
    The out-of-band option sends all outgoing DTMF messages as SIP INFO messages. When the out-of-band option is activated, Communication Manager sends SIP INFO messages over a SIP signaling group.
  • International CPN Prefix
    To convert the incoming and outgoing ISDN numbers to international format and to support international ISDN number configurations, CPN prefixes are added to the calling numbers, based on the location from where the call has originated.
  • Look Ahead Routing for 404 and 407 SIP Messages
    When any far-end returns SIP call failure errors such as 407 (Not Found) or 404 (Proxy Authentication required), Communication Manager initiates look ahead routing (LAR), if set up correctly for the routing pattern.
  • Signaling group usage for SIP signaling groups
  • VDN option for DID/Tie/ISDN/SIP intercept treatment
  • Call preservation for Communication Manager
  • Service Observing Next Call Listen Only Access Code
    The Service Observing Next Call Listen Only Access Code feature is used in a call center environment where a service observer needs to monitor the observed entity.
  • Microsoft Office Communicator integration
  • Support for Internet codec G722.2
  • Main and survivable server split registration prevention
    The split registration prevention feature, which ensures that gateways and telephones in a network region register to the same server, is now available for preventing split registration between the main server and the survivable core server.

New features delivered in Service Pack 4 in support of Avaya Aura Release 6.2 Feature Pack 1 include:

  • Option to Mute Speakerphone for Shared Control Configuration (Special Application 9120)
  • Source Based Routing
  • Transmit Agent ID to Phones (H.323) to Support Agent Greeting
  • Exclusion Notification for Bridged Line Appearances (Special Application 9119)
  • Increase Timer to Support Voice Quality Test 100
  • SIP/H.323 Dual Registration (Concurrent Login)
  • Call Center Elite: Enhanced callr-info
  • Call Center Elite: VDN observers capacity increase

Note that other Avaya Aura product updates may be required to support these features.


Communication Manager Release 6.2 can run on the following servers:

  • S8300D
  • S8510
  • S8800
  • HP ProLiant DL360 G7
  • Dell PowerEdge R610

Communication Manager provides native support for the following telephones:

  • 9400 series digital telephones: 9404 and 9408
  • 9600 series H.323 and SIP deskphones: 9608SIP, 9611SIP, 9621SIP, 9641SIP, 9608SIPCC, 9611SIPCC, 9621SIPCC, 9641SIPCC, 9608, 9611, 9621, and 9641

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