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Avaya Aura® Communication Manager

Release 8.1.1

Avaya Aura® Communication Manager Release 8.1.1 was made generally available in October 2019 as part of Avaya Aura Platform Release 8.1.1.

New In 8.1.1

Communication Manager 8.1.1 includes the following new and enhanced capabilities:

  • Support for the IP Phone Group Id field for SIP endpoints
  • Busy indicator support for J-Series endpoints
  • DMCC API enhancements to allow external recording applications to request split stream recording.

For more detailed information about these features, see the Release Notes and What's New in the Avaya Aura Platform, available under the Downloads tab.

Additional documentation for Communication Manager Release 8.01 is available for download from the Avaya Support web site:

See Chapter 52 for detailed information about the Call Detail Recording interface:

Selective Listening Hold/Multiple Registration Service

Important Note: This white paper provides guidance for application developers that use the Selective Listening Hold (SLH) service and/or Multiple Registration (MR) to utilize call media information from one or more parties in a call.