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Avaya Aura® Conferencing


Avaya Aura® Conferencing provides the following interfaces:

Collaboration API

The Collaboration API (CAPI) was introduced in Avaya Aura Conferencing Release 8.0. CAPI is a REST Web service interface that enables developers to include Collaboration Agent capabilities in their custom clients. The API provides access to features that enable conference moderators and participants to perform tasks such as:

  • Create, join, update, delete and query conferences.
  • Dial out to, update, delete and query participants in live conferences.
  • Update and query conference settings, including user feature and passcode settings.
  • Update and query user settings, such as password, default communication address and associated numbers.
  • Add and query minutes for a specified conference.
  • Access, query and manage conference recordings.
  • Access, query and manage the document library.
  • Access, query and manage conference reports.
  • Query system settings.

Collaboration API (continued)

See the Collaboration API WADL Documentation for detailed information about the full set of features supported by the API:

IMPORTANT NOTE: DevConnect does not provide members with technical support or compliance testing for the CAPI REST interface. Avaya customers who have purchased the Avaya Aura Conferencing solution can obtain support for use of CAPI via their standard Avaya Support channels.


Used by third party, IP-based infrastructure solutions, such as SNMP collectors, that interoperate with Avaya Aura Conferencing.

SIP Trunks

Used by third party solutions that communicate with Avaya Aura Conferencing via a SIP trunk.

Release News

Latest Release

8.0 SP8
(Feb 2017)

Featured Resources


Avaya Aura Conferencing Overview and Specification Guide, Release 8.0.6
(2.37 MB .pdf)
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