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FAQ: Avaya Aura Contact Center Multimedia

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This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Avaya Aura CCMM interfaces and their SDKs, including the Web Communications and CCMM Open Interfaces Web services.

What are the avalable interfaces/protocols for connecting third party applications to CCMM?

  • WCM - web communication manager
  • There are 2 Web services provided: Agent and Outbound Web services. To use these Web services you need to communicate SOAP messaging directly.

I am developing a website to add customers' contacts, and it is not possible to register a customer (even using sample web site delivered with the WCM SDK). What should I do?

Check that the line


is present in the Java options on the Java tab of the apache properties windows (right click on the apache icon in the tray bar). After adding this line, restart the Apache server.

Also applicable to Avaya NES Contact Center.

Can the Look and Feel of the Web Chat Window change based on where the chat request came from?

Yes - The Web Chat SDK provides a sample application which displays the Avaya logo - this can be updated to display an alternative logo or style sheet depending on what web page the chat request has come from by passing a parameter in the URL to the Web Chat Popup.

How will the Web Chat Application know if any Agents are available?

The Web Chat SDK contains a web service which checks if a Skillset is in service (Agents are assigned and Logged in but may not be ready). If there are no Agents ready - then a message will be displayed stating no Agents are ready and try again later.

Can a Customer export the Web Chat conversation?

If the Contact Center is licensed for e-mail, then the Agent can send a copy of the completed text chat log by e-mail to the customer.

When using the CCMM Web services to transfer a contact, the contact is only actually transferred the following day?

This is because when invoking the closecontact call followed by the transfercontacttoskillset call, the events are processed in the wrong order by Avaya Aura Contact Center.

This is a known issue, and occurs because the create contact part of the transfer is executed before the close contact has completed. As a result the stray contact is picked up in an overnight audit and the contact is transferred at that point.

To avoid this, introduce a short delay between invoking closecontact and transfercontacttoskillset.

How is it possible to transfer a multimedia contact using the CCMM Web Services?

Before initiating a contact transfer using the CCMM Web Services (using for example TransferContactToSkillset), the contact must first be closed by invoking the CCMM Web Service call CloseContact. The contact does not need to be in an Open state in order to perform the transfer.

Is it possible to send and receive emails in an HTML format using the CCMM Agent Web services available in Avaya Aura CC?

Both the OriginateMail and OriginateMailwithAttachments methods in the AgentEmailWS take a plain string as an input parameter for the text of an email body. So, a client can populate this plain string with HTML encoding tags and they will be passed on as such to Avaya Aura CC. Avaya Aura Agent Desktop will then display HTML formatted text in the email body to the agent. However, the ReadContact method in the AgentContactWS does not parse HTML tags in retrieving the content of an email body. Only plain text is supported by the ReadContact method. Consequently, HTML encoding is not supported in retrieving emails using the CCMM Agent Web services.

What causes the 'Unable to register with Server' error after modifying the config.php file in the Avaya Aura CC Web Communications sample code?

One cause for the error is the PHP file not having the correct encoding format. The Web Communication PHP files need to be saved using ‘UTF-8 without BOM’ encoding.

Is it possible to change the response timeout for a web service call invoked from Avaya Aura CC using the Avaya Aura CC CCMM Email Open Interface?

Yes. This can be changed by modifying the file (typically located at: D:\Avaya\Contact Center\Multimedia Server\Server Applications\EMAIL).

# Timeout (milliseconds) for any web services called by Email Open Interfaces

Note, longer timeouts will impact the max email per hour throughput.

Why am I not able to launch Avaya Aura Agent Desktop 6.4 (build on Windows 7 with IE?

This could be caused by the ClickOnce deployment. Try deleting the application history for Avaya Aura Agent Desktop. The application history is stored locally in a hidden folder. Typically C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\apps\2.0\.

Why are there no agents available for web hhat even though the Avaya Aura CC CCMM CISkillsetWs method isSkillsetInService() call returns TRUE and the chat icon is shown in the customer client web page?

There may be web chats queueing against a particular skillset even though that skillset is currently staffed. A workaround for this scenario would be to call the Avaya Aura CC CCMM CIUtilityWs method GetTotalQueuedToSkillset() and check how many chats are in the NEW state.

When using Internet Explorer why do I see a WebSocket error on launching the sample Avaya Aura CC Enterprise Web Chat Web User Interface?

If Internet Explorer throws an Error saying ‘WebSocket is undefined’ when opening the sample Avaya Aura CC Enterprise Web Chat Web User Interface, this is because the version of Internet Explorer being used does not support WebSockets. WebSocket support is only fully integrated into Internet Explorer from Internet Explorer Version 10 onwards.