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FAQ: Meridian Link Services

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This document contains the Frequently Asked Questions on Meridian Link Services.

Meridian Link Services

What is MLS?

Meridian Link Services (MLS ) is a proprietary messaging protocol and interface that enables external parties to "connect" a software application to the CS 1000 and CCMS platforms for CTI integration.

Is MLS delivered as part of the NES Contact Center product?

The MLS protocol specification is NOT part of the deliverable when purchasing NES Contact Center (formerly Symposium) as an end user. The MLS protocol is a development level interface, for which we license the right-to-use. Only those companies established as licensees will receive the specification to the MLS interface protocol.

How do I obtain MLS license for my company?

You will need to fill out a questionnaire, which is available from the main Meridian Link Services topic on the DevConnect web portal (select Products & SDKs - NES Contact Center - Meridian Link Services). The questionnaire provides appropriate information to allow us to evaluate your company as a potential licensee. If approved, we will provide you with a license agreement and fee terms.

We merged with a company who used to be an active member of the DevConnect program and who holds an MLS license as well as other toolkits. Do we become a valid DevConnect member automatically by acquiring this company? Can we use their license and toolkits for our development?

No. The membership is non-transferable between companies. Once a company merges with another company, they need to re-apply for the membership and licenses. This will be re-evaluated by the DevConnect Program who will issue the membership and licenses. For more information, please contact

What are the more readily available interfaces / protocols for connecting third-party applications to Avaya NES Contact Center?

  • HDX - call control script integration with 3rd party application (CORBA or WIN32).
  • RSM - real time statistics via multicast IP messages (control and ID conversion via CORBA)
  • RTD - real time statistics with single or stream queries (WIN32 API)
  • MLS - CTI control of digital and IP CS100 phones via IP message interface
  • CCT - Communication Control Toolkit provides .NET OO CTI
  • WCM - Web Communication Manager provides the ability to generate web communication contacts in the Contact Center Multimedia Server from a customer web portal.
  • XML Automated Assignment - Allows workforce management system integration to do adhoc or scheduled agent skillset and agent supervisor assignments.
  • CCMS Data Dictionary - allows ODBC access to CCMS database to extract configuration and historical information.