Avaya Experience Portal

Release 8.0

Avaya Experience Portal Release 8.0 was made generally available in September 2020. This is the latest release of the Avaya Experience Portal and is recommended for new development.

Features in the new release

Release 8.0

Avaya Experience Portal 8.0 is now generally available.

Experience Portal Release 8.0 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Get ready for cloud deployments along with support for future OneCloud CCaaS releases, foundational capabilities for cloud readiness
  • Improved security, compliance with government security requirements, FIPS 140-2 for federal market
  • Increased scalability, better able to meet peak demands and increased port capacity (from 1,000 to 1,500)
  • Get reports in xlsx format and external syslog servers are also supported.
  • Support to count and enforce MRCP, ASR, and TTS proxy licenses
  • Cost savings and better customer experience via enhanced self-service
  • Deliver value to existing Upgrade Advantage (UA) customers
  • Platform refresh - IPv6 & latest RedHat OS support
  • Support for upgrades from Avaya CSR2, CSR3 (HP DL360 G8, G9, Dell R630), ACP110 and ACP130
  • Enhanced Google CCAI Dialogflow integration and ready to support DialogflowCX

Release history

Generally Available

End of Support Dec. 2013 (view notice)

Release Information

Product Overview

The Experience Portal Documentation Library is a collection of information covering the following topics:

  • TLS Security Feature Reference List
  • GDPR Data Privacy Questionnaire
  • Port Matrix
  • Data Privacy Controls Addendum
  • Release Notes
  • Avaya Experience Portal Solutions Guide
  • Implementing Avaya Experience Portal on multiple servers
  • Deploying Avaya Experience Portal in an Avaya Customer Experience Virtualized Environment
  • Avaya Experience Portal Programmer's Reference
  • Avaya Experience Portal Overview and Specification
  • Upgrading to Experience Portal 8.0
  • Avaya Experience Portal Documentation Roadmap

The Documentation Libraries and additional documentation for Experience Portal Release 8.0 are available for download from Avaya Support.

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