Voice Portal Release 4.1

Avaya Voice Portal Release 4.1 was made generally available in January 2008; Service Pack 3 was issued in February 2009. This release of Voice Portal is NOT the latest: in later releases Voice Portal is renamed Avaya Experience Portal. It is recommended that the latest release be used for new development.

Features in the new release

Voice Portal Release 4.1 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Duplicated web services interface for outbound calls.
  • Answering machine detection for outbound calls.
  • Fax machine detection for outbound calls.
  • 10 party conferences under control of CCXML 1.0.

In addition, Voice Portal 4.1 provides support for the Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing SIP call center deployments including:

  • Generation of a unique UCID across a managed set of VPMSs.
  • SIP Merge
  • Refer with Replaces.

Release history

Generally Available

End of Support Dec. 2013 (view notice)