Voice Portal Release 5.0

Avaya Voice Portal Release 5.0 was made generally available in March 2009; Service Pack 2 was issued in December 2009. This release of Voice Portal is NOT the latest: in later releases Voice Portal is renamed Avaya Experience Portal. It is recommended that the latest release be used for new development.

Features in the new release

Voice Portal Release 5.0 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Support for interactive video and voice response (IVVR) applications. Combined with Dialog Designer 5.0, this new feature allows the creation of differentiated, high touch, multi-modal applications that take advantage of 3G video networks, where available, while also providing support for SIP-based video applications worldwide.
  • Expanded management capabilities with support for multi-tenant reporting, extremely flexible roles-based access control, and numerous manageability improvements.
  • A completely new reporting module that allows for custom created and save application filters with the ability to generate notifications for events and report creation, delivery ofreports via email, and publishing of reports via RSS feeds.
  • Support for an administrative data model that allows applications to be created in Dialog Designer and have application characteristics changed in the VPMS.
  • Pre-integrated web services support for Administrative Data Capabilities.
  • Enhanced scale with 5,000 ports per VPMS and higher density MPP support.
  • Support for "Announcement Only" and "No-media Ports" for Intelligent Customer Routing deployments.

Release history

Generally Available

End of Support Dec. 2013 (view notice)