Avaya Orchestration Designer

Latest Release: 8.1.2 (October 2022)

Development Tools & Configurations

The development tools and configurations on this page are available to help DevConnect members develop and test their own applications created with Avaya Orchestration Designer.

Remote Labs

Self Service Remote Lab

DevConnect members can reserve a dedicated access slot in the Self Service Remote Lab. The lab provides DevConnect members with remote access to a configuration comprising Avaya Experience Portal, Avaya Aura Communication Manager and Nuance speech services so that they can prototype and validate their speech and call control applications created using Avaya Orchestration Designer.

Dialog Designer Elements

Dialog Designer Elements are free suite of re-usable and customizable speech dialog modules for Orchestration Designer. The modules simplify the creation of speech applications by providing off-the-shelf rich, robust functionality for use in the development of speech applications. Learn more and download

Avaya Application Simulator

Orchestration Designer includes the Avaya Application Simulator and an Application Simulator view in Eclipse that enable developers to test applications under development without needing access to a complete configuration. The Avaya Application Simulator supports the Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) to enable developers to simulate their applications against third-party speech systems that are installed on a remote server. Download Avaya Orchestration Designer

Other Developer Resources

The following guides provides valuable help to developers creating speech and call control applications using any release of Orchestration Designer or Dialog Designer:

Procurement Options

The following systems may be procured by DevConnect Technology Partners and Testing-enabled Registered Members for development purposes:

  • Avaya Experience Portal Software Solution
  • Avaya Experience Portal Bundled Solution, which includes Avaya hardware server platforms