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Latest Release: 8.1.1 (January 2022)

Developing Exceptional Multi-Modal Customer Experiences


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About the eBook

Developing Exceptional Multi-Modal Customer Experiences was created in partnership with Internet.com, offering readers insight into the business case, technical concepts, development tools and best practices for Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR) solutions.

Written by independent industry experts and practitioners, this book offers practical insight into the benefits of introducing speech-based, automated customer interactions to your call center or enterprise environment.

IVVR solutions represent a "leap forward" in the means by which customer services is offered in an automated fashion, moving companies from simply digit-based menu-structured navigation to fully automated, natural-language (and multi-lingual) customer service options involving speech recognition, video content delivery and advanced telephony capabilities such as live-agent transfer and routing.

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eBook Contents

The eBook covers five main topics concerning the development and delivery of Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR) solutions:

The Business Case for Interactive Voice and Video Response
Discusses the value proposition and cost savings that can be obtained from migrations to digit-based, speech-enabled and fully integrated voice and video solutions. This article was written by Mark A.. Miller, P.E., President, Diginet Corporation.

Going Against The Flow: Avaya Makes Voice Application Development Look Easy
Describes The base capabilities of Avaya Dialog Designer for speech application development and testing. Written by Shari Gould, author of many technology focused articles.

Speech Sandbox: Application Simulation in Avaya Dialog Designer
Offers a deeper look at the application simulation capabilities offered by Avaya Dialog Designer, which is an invaluable tool during application development activities. Written by Steve Apiki, Sr. Developer, Appropriate Solutions.

CCXML: Powerful, standards-based Call Control
Describes the capabilities offered by Call Control XML (CCXML), Written by Steve Apiki.

Developing Speech Grammars That Rock (Parts 1 & 2)
This two-part article explains the basis of speech grammar development and offers insight into the mechanics and value of speech grammar tuning. Written by Steve Apiki.