Avaya Orchestration Designer Educational Resources

Latest Release: 8.1.2 (October 2022)

Educational Resources

These educational resources are available to help you learn how to develop speech and call control applications that can be deployed on Avaya Orchestration Designer.

Avaya Learning Training Courses

Avaya Learning offers a series of on-demand training courses for Avaya Orchestration Designer and POM developers, installers and others with a general interest. Learn more about the courses


Developing Exceptional Multi-Modal Customer Experiences

The eBook examines how businesses can take self service applications to a different level by adding speech and video capabilities to the equation, enabling Interactive Voice and Video Response(IVVR). Thanks to powerful development tools and standards like SMIL, VoiceXML, and CCXML, the creation of IVVR applications is easier than ever before. The eBook takes you on a tour of the development processes used to create such multi-modal customer experiences. Learn more and download the eBook

Connector Training Presentations

These presentations were originally created for Dialog Designer, but remain relevant for Orchestration Designer. Note that the CTI Connector is renamed the "AE Services Connector" in Orchestration Designer.

Sample Applications & Tutorials

DevConnect provides an extensive series of sample applications and tutorials that demonstrate the capabilities and use of Avaya Orchestration Designer for designing speech and multi-channel applications, and agent workflows. Learn more

Developer Know-how Articles

These know-how articles were originally created for Dialog Designer, but remain relevant for Orchestration Designer: