Avaya Orchestration Designer Sample Application

Latest Release: 8.1.1 (January 2022)


About The Sample Application

ClickToCreateConference is a Web based application that enables the user to create a conference call between selected extensions. This application demonstrates the use of Application Interface Web Service (AppIntfWS) to launch call control applications hosted on Avaya Experience Portal (formerly known as Voice Portal).

The ClickToCreateConference application uses Call Control XML (CCXML) to establish a conference. The application also provides constant updates to the user, of existing (conference) calls using the AJAX interface (Asynchronous JavasScript and XML).

This application is designed using Java Server Pages, Servlets, Call Control eXtensible Markup Language (CCXML), AJAX and Avaya Aura Experience Portal Application Interface Web Service.

Note: The sample application documentation was updated in January 2012 (issue 1.1) to indicate compatibility with Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 6.0 and Avaya Experience Portal Release 6.0.

Target Avaya Platform

This sample application was originally developed and tested to run on the following Avaya platform:

  • Avaya Dialog Designer Release 4.1, or higher
  • Avaya Voice Portal Release 4.1, or higher

The sample application has subsequently been tested and validated on the following Avaya platform:

  • Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 6.0
  • Avaya Experience Portal Release 6.0


Required runtime environment elements include:

  • Avaya Media Processing Platform
  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager
  • Apache Tomcat Web server
  • Automated Speech Recognition server (ASR):Nuance OpenSpeech Recognizer speech recognizer
  • Text-To-Speech server: RealSpeak Text-to-Speech text to speech engine

Sample Application Downloads