Avaya Orchestration Designer Tutorial

Latest Release: 8.1.2 (October 2022)

Deploying Speech and Call Control Applications

About This Tutorial

This is the fourth in a series of four tutorials on the Dialog Designer (now known as Avaya Orchestration Designer) - see Related Tutorials below for links to other tutorials in the series.

This tutorial describes the basic steps involved in deploying:

  • a Voice XML (VXML) application and a Call Control XML (CCXML) application on Voice Portal (now known as Avaya Experience Portal)
  • a VXML application on Avaya Interactive Response.

Intended Audience

This tutorial is intended for application developers who want to deploy their VXML/CCXML applications on Experience Portal or Interactive Response.


This tutorial assumes that the developer:

  • Has the working knowledge of developing VXML and CCXML applications using Orchetsration Designer
  • Is familiar with configuring Experience Portal, Interactive Response and Apache Tomcat or any supported web server

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