Avaya Orchestration Designer Tutorial

Latest Release: 8.1.2 (October 2022)

Designing a Dialog Designer MS SQL Database Connector

About This Tutorial

This is the first in a series of four tutorials on the Avaya Dialog Designer (now known as Avaya Orchestration Designer) - see Related Tutorials below for links to other tutorials in the series.

Orchestration Designer is a Java-based tool for creating VoiceXML (vXML) speech applications. This tutorial explains how to use the Orchestration Designer wizards to connect to Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Intended Audience

This tutorial is intended for Java programmers with a working knowledge of telecommunications applications and relational databases. Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server and database table creation is useful, but not specifically required.

Upon completion of this tutorial, the reader should be able to:

  • Connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database using the Orchestration Designer wizards.
  • Create Orchestration Designer applications to fetch and insert data from and to the MS SQL Server database.


The tutorial assumes that the reader can create a simple speech application using Orchetsration Designer.

To implement the example in this tutorial, the following software is required:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005, with associated Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers installed. A sample database scheme is provided in the tutorial that will need to be created.
  • Avaya Dialog Designer 4.0 or later.

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