Avaya Orchestration Designer Sample Application

Latest Release: 8.1.2 (October 2022)

Interactive Voice & Video Response (IVVR)

About The Sample Application

Interactive Voice & Video Response (IVVR) capabilities offer self-service application developers the means to deliver a multi-modal experience incorporating audio, video, images and textual information to callers through the Avaya Experience Portal platform.

The business value in IVVR solutions centers on simultaneously communicating information in multiple ways - providing visual feedback that is coordinated with the delivery of audible information, or simply streaming delivery of integrated audio/video information to multi-media capable devices or endpoints. IVVR can be applied in customer service operations for a variety of situations, such as providing visual summaries of menu choices; providing visual feedback or instructions, such as demonstrating how to reset a consumer's device or locate a product serial number; or provide brand and advertising extensions to callers during wait or hold times to better promote your corporate offers.

The sample application offers insight into the construction of IVVR-enabled self-service applications. VideoPlayerDialog is an Avaya Orchestration Designer VXML project, demonstrating a set of capabilities that enables a user with a video-enabled SIP client (e.g. Avaya one-X® Communicator SIP edition or XLite 3) to select and retrieve one or more videos from a playlist that has been presented to them both audibly and visually, using Avaya Experience Portal.

In addition to demonstrating IVVR capabilities, the sample application also presents a number of intermediate and advanced speech application features, including dynamic grammars, dynamic prompting, and database operations.

Instructions for demonstrating the application using the built-in simulator capabilities of Avaya Orchestration Designer are provided, along with the complete source code for the project as well as a test database.

Note: The IVVR sample application was updated and reissued in April 2012 to work with Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 6.0 and Avaya Experience Portal Release 6.0, using XLite 3 as the SIP softphone client.

Target Avaya Platform

  • Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 6.0 or higher
  • Avaya Experience Portal Release 6.0 or higher

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