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Avaya Aura® Orchestration Designer Sample Application

Outbound Call Blast

About The Sample Application

Outbound Call Blast is a Web based application that enables users to record messages and/or upload prompts (announcements) that are played to called parties (extensions).

The application uses Call Control XML (CCXML) to call the host (for recording a message) and the called parties. The application also uses Java Server Pages, Servlets, and the Avaya Aura® Experience Portal Application Interface Web service. The Outbound Call Blast application is deployed on the Avaya Aura Experience Portal platform (formerly known as Avaya Voice Portal).

Note: CCXML applications are not supported on the Avaya Interactive Response platform.

The Outbound Call Blast sample application demonstrates the following:

  • Use of the Application Interface Web service (AppIntfWS) to launch call control applications hosted on Avaya Aura Experience Portal.
  • Interaction between the OutboundCallBlastCC (CCXML) application and Voice eXtensible Markup Language. The OutboundCallBlastDialog (VXML) application is generated by Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer (formerly known as Avaya Dialog Designer).
  • Passing information between the CCXML application and the VXML application.
  • Uploading WAV file to be played as prompts.

Note: The sample application documentation was updated in January 2012 (issue 1.1) to indicate compatibility with Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer Release 6.0 and Avaya Aura Experience Portal Release 6.0.

Target Avaya Platform

This sample application was originally developed and tested to run on the following Avaya platform:

  • Avaya Dialog Designer Release 4.1 or higher, with the Call Control eXtensible Markup Language (CCXML) plugin 4.1 or higher
  • Avaya Voice Portal Release 4.1 or higher
  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager Release 5.0 or higher

The sample application has subsequently been tested and validated on the following Avaya platform:

  • Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer Release 6.0
  • Avaya Aura Experience Portal Release 6.0


The following software is needed to compile this application:

  • Avaya Dialog Designer 4.1.8 or later versions installed on a PC running Microsoft XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2 (Refer to Dialog Designer install guide for other supported operating systems) or Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer Release 6.0 or higher.
  • Other runtime elements include a Tomcat 5.5.25 based application server.

Sample Application Downloads