Avaya Orchestration Designer Tutorial

Latest Release: 8.1.2 (October 2022)

Using Nuance OpenSpeech DialogModules

About This Tutorial

This tutorial introduces Nuance OpenSpeech DialogModule(s) (Nuance OSDM), its features, functionality and use in speech based call flows. Nuance OSDM(s) are template modules used for performing specific tasks such as digit, credit card recognition. These modules process a caller's utterance for a specific task and return a recognition result.

This tutorial demonstrates deploying, configuring and using a Nuance OSDM within a Dialog Designer (now known as Avaya Orchestration Designer) speech application call flow. On completion of this tutorial, developers should be able to deploy and import an appropriate Nuance OSDM in their respective call flows.

Note: Nuance OSDM(s) is NuanceĀ® product and only compatible for use with supported Nuance Speech Recognition engines.

Intended Audience

This tutorial is intended for developers building Orchestration Designer-based speech applications using Nuance OpenSpeech Dialog Modules.


Familiarity with Java programming and telephony application call flows is required. This tutorial is primarily intended for application developers and managers already familiar with the technical aspects of self service application design. Familiarity with Nuance OpenSpeech products is also required.

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