Avaya Orchestration Designer Pluggable Data Connectors

Latest Release: 8.1.2 (October 2022)


Connectors Provided by Other Platforms

The following Avaya platforms provide pluggable data connectors (PDCs) that extend the capabilities of Orchestration Designer:

  • Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager (POM): The POM Pluggable Data Connector (POM PDC) is a plug-in that enables Orchestration Designer to interface and integrate with Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager. The POM PDC extends the functionality of the Data node palette of the Graphical Call flow editor in Orchestration Designer, providing nodes to execute custom actions, such as updating custom completion codes, adding contacts to running jobs and campaigns, etc. For more information and developer resources, see Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager on the DevConnect portal.
  • Intelligent Customer Routing (ICR): The ICR Pluggable Data Connector (ICR PDC) extends the capabilities of Orchestration Designer, enabling it to be used to develop applications that connect with ICR Core and which can leverage ICR functionality. For more information, and to download the ICR PDC, see Intelligent Customer Routing on the DevConnect portal.
  • Avaya Context Store Snap-in: The Context Store PDC enables the integration of Context Store capabilities into Experience Portal applications and workflows. For more information, and to download the Context Store PDC, see the Avaya Context Store Snap-in product content.

Connectors Provided by Orchestration Designer

The following pluggable data connectors can optionally be enabled to extend the capabilities of Orchestration Designer:

  • Workflow PDC enables Orchestration Designer applications to interact with Avaya Engagement Designer workflows, deployed on the Avaya Breeze™ platform. Orchestration Designer can initiate a workflow instance or an existing workflow instance can summon Orchestration Designer to provide voice capabilities to an inbound or outbound audio call. In addition, Orchestration Designer tasks can be included in Engagement Designer workflow definition to provide two-way SMS and email communication with customers. For more information, see the chapter on Workflow Integration in the Avaya Orchestration Designer Developer's Guide.
  • Avaya AES Connector enables Orchestration Designer applications to establish contact with and pass values to and from an Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services (AE Services) system. The connector extends the capabilities of Orchestration Designer applications beyond the limitations of VoiceXML 2.1 speech applications for H323 based communication (SIP is not supported). One of the most common uses of the connector is in speech applications to perform call transfers in which variable data is transferred with the calls.
  • Avaya IC Connector enables an Orchestration Designer application to establish contact with and pass values between itself and an Avaya Interaction Center system. The connector enables the strengths of both the systems to be used within a single application.
  • Notification Connector (Email, SMS) enables email and SMS messages (also known as "notifications") to be sent from a speech or message application channel other than an email or SMS channel.
  • Send AACC Connector enables inbound SMS and email messages to be forwarded from Orchestration Designer to Avaya Aura Contact Center for agent assistance.
  • AACC Treatments enables various treatments to be applied to calls that are transferred from Avaya Aura Contact Center to an Orchestration Designer speech application.
  • AVP/AEP Configurable Application Variables PDC enables a speech or message flow application that uses an enterprise-wide variable to be deployed on different sites in an enterprise.
  • Web Services (Axis 1.4), Web Services (Axis 2) and Web Services (REST) PDCs enable the creation of SOAP and REST Web service operation files in speech and message applications. Web services can be created to, for example:
    • Look up and return the current value of stocks.
    • Look up and return the weather forecast for various cities.
    • Book flight or car rental reservations.
  • AAEP Outbound Call enables automated outbound VoiceXML calls to be launched from a speech or message application.
  • Language ID enables an email or SMS channel message application to accept a text string and the language hint, and return the ISO-639-1 language code for the text.
  • Conversation exposes Experience Portal conversation services to SMS and data applications.