Avaya Orchestration Designer

Latest Release: 8.1.1 (January 2022)


Avaya Orchestration Designer provides a unified service creation environment for the fast, low cost design of automated voice, omnichannel and call control applications, and assisted agent workflows. Orchestration Designer is a fully featured graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating applications that run on Avaya Experience Portal and Avaya Aura Contact Center. Orchestration Designer includes powerful testing and simulation tools, as well as support for speech technologies, to help developers improve performance and the user experience before deployment.


  • Orchestration Designer provides an Eclipse-based integrated development environment for the design and deployment of speech applications that comply with VoiceXML (VXML), call control applications that comply with Call Control XML (CCXML), message applications that comply with TextXML, data applications and HTML5-based mobile applications.
  • Orchestration Designer supports a number of optional pluggable data connectors (PDCs) that enable it to interact with other Avaya platforms, including Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager, Intelligent Customer Routing, the Context Store Snap-in, and Engagement Designer workflows deployed on Avaya Breeze™.
  • When installed on a Contact Center Manager Administration client, Orchestration Designer can be used to create applications that define the steps a contact follows when it arrives at Avaya Aura Contact Center.


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