Avaya Orchestration Designer

Latest Release: 8.1.2 (October 2022)

Release 7.2

Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 7.2.3 was made generally available in Nov 2019. This is not the latest release of Avaya Orchestration Designer; the latest release is recommended for new development. Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 7.2 was made generally available in July 2017. The Releases 7.2, 7.2.1, 7.2.2 and 7.2.3 ISO images are available under the Downloads - Product Software tab.

Important The following end of sale and end of support dates have been announced:
  • End of sale: December 8, 2020
  • End of support: December 8, 2021
Additional information about the end of sale and end of support dates can be found here. For all new development, Avaya recommends that developers use the latest Avaya Orchestration Designer release.

Features in the new release

Release 7.2.3

Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 7.2 Feature Pack 3 is released in November 2019.This release includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Supports native conversational speech applications.
  • Ability to use certificate-based authentication for the VPAppLogClient and VPAppLog web service.
  • Support hybrid OD/VXML applications and native Dialogflow applications (i.e., using default application);
  • Support for creating VXML apps (i.e. the like of def_dialogflow.vxml) in OD (without writing vxml) that interacts with Dialogflow bots through EP/MPP.
  • New Sample Applications:
    • ConversationWithNLU - demonstrates how to develop an OD application using drag-drop UI elements to work with Krypton.
    • DefaultDialogflowApp - demonstrates how new UI features can be used to get payload from Dialogflow and parse it in creating a VXML app for Dialogflow.
    • InvokeDefaultDFVxml – demonstrates how to invoke the default_dialogflow_vxml app on MPP from Orchestration Designer apps.
  • Security Enhancements

Release 7.2.2

Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 7.2 Feature Pack 2 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Supports latest versions of 3rd party application server software, Tomcat 9.0, Jboss EAP 7.0, Wildfly 13.0, Websphere 9.0, Weblogic 12c.
  • Continued support for operating systems as OD 7.2.1 release-Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Eclipse Photon 4.8 and J2SE 1.10 supported.
  • Installation package from Oracle uploaded for distribution.
  • Fully backward compatible with prior AEP/AOD 7.2 and 7.2.1 releases.
  • Avaya IC and AES releases supported.
  • Support included for Windows 2012, Windows 2016 and RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.x 64-bit operating systems.
  • Supports Avaya Zang provider for both inbound and outbound MMS via HTTP.
  • Supports multi-vendor including Google Speech.
  • Sample applications TalkWithNuanceNLU and Multivendor included.

Release 7.2.1

Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 7.2 Feature Pack 1 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • A new Pluggable Data Connector (PDC) Alarm Offset to support offsetting of alarms on Avaya Experience Portal.
  • Added the Workflow palette option.
  • Enhanced the behavior of the Next and Goto nodes for easier navigation.
  • The Graphic URI Variable and Graphic URI Variable Field properties are added to the following nodes:
    • AppRoot
    • Return
    • Announce
    • Collect
    • Form
    • Menu
  • Added a new recording format audio/L16; rate=8000
  • Introduced a new PDC Phone Information to check if a phone number is a mobile number.
  • Enhanced the behavior of REST webservice to return complex JSON or xml and arrays of data.

Release 7.2

Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 7.2 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • HTML5/Web Enhancements:
    • Enhance usability in Textset and Text creation.
    • Disabling and enabling Back button in project Properties.
    • Make it easier to switch between using Google map and Baidu map and other map.
    • Separating text labels and values for choices in ChoiceInput flow item.
    • New Click-to-Call element in the Prompt editor.
    • Allow Menu item text to change dynamically using flow logic
  • Context Store Enhancements:
    • Touchpoint support.
    • Persist to external database support.
    • Complex variables and Collections.
  • Product Security and Reliability enhancements, including added check for certificate exporation, extended hostname/certificate validation, enhanced login password strength and required password change for the runtime configuration, and Subject Alternative Name support for self-generated certificates.
  • Currency with third party products:
    • Exlipse Neon 4.6
    • Eclipse Mars 4.5
    • JBoss EAP
    • WildFly

For more information about what is new in these releases, see the Release Notes available under the Downloads - Release Information tab and the Developer's Guide available under the Downloads - Speech & Call Control tab.

Release history

Orchestration Designer is available free of charge to all DevConnect members. Be aware that the download is very large at over 2.0 GB:

The download includes:

  • Orchestration Designer software
  • Prerequisite software, including:
    • J2SE Development Kit
    • Tomcat
    • Eclipse and GEF
    • Microsoft Speech SDK
    • Stormcodec
  • Optional CCXML plug-in
  • Localization bundle files and documentation
  • Sample applications and documentation

Developer Documentation

Sample Applications:

Sample applications are available in the Orchestration Designer Release 7.2.3 ISO image file for CCXML, Customer Journey, HTML 5, Message, ODED, Speech, Conversation with NLU, Default Dialogflow, Invoke Default Dialogflow Vxml, Mobile Web Best Practice White paper, Multivendor, Redirector, and Talk with Nuance NLU.