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Avaya Orchestration Designer

Release 8.1

Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 8.1 was made generally available in July 2021. This is the generally available latest release of the Avaya Orchestration Designer and is recommended for new development. Its ISO image is available under the Downloads - Product Software tab.

New In This Release

Release 8.1

Avaya Orchestration Designer Release 8.1 is now generally available.
This release includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Change of brand name from Avaya Aura┬« Orchestration Designer to Avaya Orchestration Designer
  • Supports third party latest releases for Eclipse, Tomcat, Wildfly and JTAPI Client Library
  • Supports the latest versions of 3rd party application server software including Eclipse 4.14 (aka Eclipse 2019-12), Wildfly 18.0.1, and Tomcat 9.0.30.
  • New sample App DefaultDialflow AppV3
  • Supports latest Avaya Experience Portal 8.1 features

For more information about what is new in these releases, see the Release Notes available under the Downloads - Release Information tab

Orchestration Designer is available free of charge to all DevConnect members. Be aware that the download is very large.

  • Avaya Orchestration Designer 8_1(8.1.0601 build) ISO Image (1.69 GB .iso)
    (sha256 checksum:sha256 checksum:ccd04b080b5b56a324f27fce5c4f6e3f0100d663274067df959166b1bdd32637 1.69 GB)
    This is the Avaya Orchestration Designer CD image that contains all prerequisite software, Avaya Orchestration Designer 8.1, and sample applications.

The download includes:

  • Orchestration Designer software
  • Prerequisite software, including:
    • J2SE Development Kit
    • Tomcat
    • Eclipse
    • Microsoft Speech SDK
    • Stormcodec
  • Optional CCXML plug-in
  • Localization bundle files and documentation
  • Sample applications and documentation

Developer Documentation

  • Avaya Orchestration Designer Developer's Guide, Release 8.1 (4.88 MB .pdf)

  • Sample Applications

    Sample applications are available in the Orchestration Designer Release 8.0 ISO image file are
    • CCXML sample applications
    • Customer Journey sample applications
    • HTML5 sample applications
    • Message sample applications
    • ED sample applications
    • Speech sample applications
    • Conversation with NLU
    • Default dialogflow app
    • Default dialogflow V3 app
    • Invoke default DFV XML
    • Mobile web best practices white paper PDF
    • Multivendor Redirector
    • Talk with Nuance NLU