Avaya Orchestration Designer

Latest Release: 8.1.2 (October 2022)

Dialog Designer Release 5.1

Dialog Designer Release 5.1 ( was made generally available in June 2010; Service Pack 3 (Release was issued August 2011. The Release 5.1 CD image and Service Pack 3 JAR are available under the Downloads - Product Software tab. Release 5.1 is NOT the latest release of Dialog Designer: later releases are incorporated into the Speech and Call Control Application Development component of Avaya Orchestration Designer.

Features in the new release

New features in Dialog Designer Release 5.1 include:

Sample applications:

The software download includes over 20 sample applications that demonstrate the many features of Dialog Designer. Release 5.1 includes one new sample application:
  • The AvayaIVVR sample application demonstrates key video features that are essential to the creation of IVVR applications, such as using video session variables, 3gp videos and dynamic video text.

Usability features:

  • New advanced search feature: integrates with Eclipse Search and includes the ability to search for nested resource references and unused resources.
  • Graphical debugging support from the Call Flow editor.
  • Localization bundle support for TTY/TDD
  • Certificate management: new utilities for managing certificates in the development and runtime environments.
  • CTI Connector: can now recover observers following a severed link between AE Services and Communication Manager that has been restored.
  • Numerous general and customer requested enhancements.

Support for the following third-party products:

  • IBM AIX 6 OS.
  • Axis 2.0 (new web service connector).
  • Eclipse 3.5.
  • Windows 7.
  • Voice Portal 5.1.

Release history

Release 5.1 (Release

Dialog Designer Release 5.1 is available for download to all members of the DevConnect program free of charge. Note that the file is large: over 600 MB. The download includes prerequisite software: J2SE Development Kit 6.0 (JDK 6.0), Tomcat 5.5 or Tomcat 6.0, Eclipse and GEF 3.5 SDKs, Microsoft Speech SDK, Avaya Dialog Designer WebLM license server, StormCodec 7 and the optional CCXML plug-in. Instructions for installing Dialog Designer are included on the CD-ROM image and in the Getting Started with Dialog Designer, Release 5.1 guide, available under the Product Overview tab.

Release 5.1 Service Pack 3 (Release

Provided Dialog Designer 5.1 is already installed, download and extract the Service Pack JAR file to a New Archive Site, which you can then use to install the Service Pack from within Eclipse. The Service Pack contains Modification Request (MR) enhancements and fixes, described in the Release Letter available under the Release Information tab.